The cutest mustachioed baby in this town is definitely the new walrus at the New York Aquarium. The baby walrus, who was born on June 12 and weighed in at 115 pounds, is ready for his public, as he made his first appearance yesterday. But he needs a name, and people can vote on the Today Show's website for one of four names: Utvak (Means ice made from snow or ice cube), Ukiivak (Means king island), Utumek (Means earth), Akituusaq (Means gift given in return).

2007_09_walrus1.jpgThe aquarium is very proud of Baby Boy Walrus, born to 13-year-old walruses Kulu and Ayveq, who were rescued as babies from the St. Lawrence River in Alaska in 1994 . It was the aquarium's first walrus birth (apparently they are rare) and the animal health curator Katherine McClave said to the NY Times, “I think he’s advancing in a kind of Mensa Society way, swimming early, nursing immediately.”

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz told NY1, "Like a lot of Brooklyn babies, this little 269 pound walrus may look cute now, but just wait until he's a teenager, and weighs in at 1,000 pounds. Talk about a Brooklyn attitude, big time!” And Baby Walrus certainly eats a lot - he chows down about 70 pounds of fish a day (plus he'll nurse from momma Kulu for 18-24 months); his mom is 1800 pounds and his dad is 2700 pounds.

There is a great Walrus Baby page at the NY Aquarium's site. You can see video of the baby's birth and his first swim. AWW!