Photo by Super Duper Photographic/TrivWorks

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you already know that Pat Kiernan's next trivia night will be held in Manhattan on September 24th. We have a special access code especially for Gothamist readers so you can buy tickets before everyone else gets their hands on them tomorrow.

Here's the deal: Kiernan has been hosting TrivWorks trivia nights in Brooklyn (check out a recap of his '90s night here), and now he's moving it over to Manhattan's Highline Ballroom for a September event. The theme of the night is NYC Pop Culture, which you guys chose, and if you want in, just head over here today and use the access code "GOTHAMPAT" to buy your tickets.

At last night's trivia event in Brooklyn, Borough President Marty Markowitz dropped in and declared it “Pat Kiernan Welcome to Brooklyn Celebration Day"—check it out: