via the Frisky

This is what happens when street art meets a Ryan Gosling-based delusional disorder. A woman in Brooklyn has posted these flyers all over town declaring she has lost her boyfriend, who doesn't exist yet. But if he did exist he is either Ryan Gosling, or a Ryan Gosling look-a-like (paging Joey Thompson).

The real troubling part here, however, is that she chose such a generic, clean-cut photo of the actor, where he basically looks like a blonde version of Christian Bale in American Psycho. It simply sends chills up our spines to consider what it even means on a psychological level when someone is most attracted to this version of Gosling... and not, say, scruffy Gosling, or shirtless Gosling, or scruffy shirtless Gosling.

At any rate, Brooklyn men with slicked back locks and a one o'clock shadow, be on alert. [via the Frisky]