Yesterday afternoon the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company hosted an 826NYC benefit, in the form of an Honest Elimination Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament. Ira Glass, David Cross, and Michael Ian Black were all on hand, as well as ticket holders taking part and supporting the organization. We took the opportunity to head over to the storefront and explore their superhero goodies. The shop opened years ago, but incase you haven't been here's what you should know:

  • There's a section where you can try on capes; you can even stand up on a platform where they'll shine a beam of light above your head and turn on a fan so your cape simulates flying in the air.
  • When you purchase an Item you have to put it in the vault and recite the vows of heroism on the wall.
  • There's a secret door in the toy room (which leads to the tutoring room).
  • It is probably the only place in Park Slope to buy an antigravity solution, which "neutralizes the effects of gravity" and is "commonly used when flying near planets with extraordinarily strong gravitational pull."

Have you visited the store yet?