How did we get here?

For a brief moment in time on Thursday, a Brooklyn street was dedicated to New York City's own #PizzaRat. It was called Pizza Rat Blvd. Despite being a metaphor for life in New York City—because everything New Yorkers see and think about is nothing more than a metaphor for ourselves—it was not very "viral."

Has this city lost its goddamn mind? Has #PizzaRat been given what the Beastie Boys have been denied? Is the idiocracy leaking offline and into real life? Fear not, while #PizzaRat will live on as a Sexy Halloween Costume and some future blog posts with diminishing returns, the madness ends there. Actually... it ends after #PizzaRat's appearance on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is what this sign was for.

According to ABC, the sign—spotted by Fred Benenson—was at the corner of India Street and Franklin Street in Greenpoint. An employee at 3 Roots Cafe told them it had been put up by crew members working on the Netflix series—"They had notified us about it in advance. It was only up for a few hours."

As if the internet would ever allow you to forget: last month #PizzaRat became a viral sensation, despite failing to do what every New Yorker can do in their sleep: eat a piece of pizza. The rat spotted a slice on steps leading down a subway platform, and got skittish when a human began filming it, abandoning the slice as regret filled its eyes.

We'll be back with more #PizzaRat content in the Spring of 2016, when this episode airs.