No wonder the pent-up Park Slope parents don't want to pay a membership fee for their online ranting board, they need to save that cash for sex toys! Sweet, vibrating sex toys. Babeland in Park Slope is turning one year old (we talked to owner Claire Cavanah last year upon opening), and business is still booming—the shop told us, "We’ve sold 16,389 sex toys since last June. More than 15,000 customers have come in. More than 2,000 people attended a workshop or free event." Park Slope, are you blushing? The number one products are the Rabbit Habit and Gigi vibrators, but the men are getting into the action as well—also in the top 5 are the We Vibe (the only vibrator that can be worn during intercourse) and the Sonic Ring, which is worn by men but benefits the women. To celebrate the big day, and your loyalty, they're hosting a customer-appreciation party this Sunday (noon to 4 p.m.), where you'll get a 15% off coupon for discounts on all purchases made this month. There will also be raffles, beverages and gift bags for early birds. Just please leave the kids at home, 'kay?