2006_02_arts_rockandroll.gifHave you heard of the Brooklyn Rock Festival? Neither did we, until now. It appears to be just three shows at three different bars, with one kickoff party - so the $25 pass could be worth it if you like at least 80% of the bands. Or something. Our math is a bit rusty. We do know that we haven't heard of 80% of the bands though. Here's the lineup...

Thursday, February 16th @ Zabloski's [107 North 6th], 8:30pm:
Kick-Off Party with DJ L’il Shalimar

Friday, February 17th @ Trash Bar [256 Grand St], 9pm:
Turner Cody, Tommy Eisner, The Wowz, The NY Howl, Chin Chin, Dujeous

Saturday, February 18th @ Union Pool [484 Union Ave], 9pm:
Aji No Moto, The Brought Low, Fresh Kills, King Dust

Sunday, February 19th @ Galapagos [70 North 6th], 9pm:
General Miggs, Brian J & The Pimps of Joytime, Apollo Heights

Tickets to each show can be purchased for $10 each, if you don't want to buy the pass. But be warned, you can't get in to the kickoff party without a pass. You will, however, be getting a year subscription to Time Out New York with the purchase of one single ticket.