phpxCRl4QAM.jpgThe Brooklyn Paper reports that downtown Brooklyn is going to the dogs, with more and more canine-owning residents moving in, and little space provided for them to walk and play outdoors. Metrotech Commons, between Jay Street and Flatbush Avenue, was a canine hotspot, but the pups have recently been prohibited from the space. Metrotech Business Improvement Director Mike Weiss explained: “if the dog is doing his number on the lawn, it could be unsanitary. You can just clean up so much, and you can’t clean up wet stuff.” What's a pup to do? In the past community members have rejected proposals for dog runs, though one in McLaughlin Park might be reconsidered. Until that day comes, the temporary solution has some residents upset; seems "dogs are doing their business in front of the [BellTel] building, and the smell is starting to be pretty strong."