The Brooklyn Public Library is starting an in-depth book discussion series centered around George Orwell's classic dystopian novel 1984, which has seen a surge in sales in the wake of President Trump's humiliating popular vote loss to Hillary Clinton. The series, dubbed 1984/48: A Book Discussion, starts this month and is scheduled to continue for 48 consecutive months. That's four years, at which point we'll either have a different president or we can start the discussion series all over again with The Road.

The library promises that this is oh so much more than just a book club: At each discussion meeting, participants "will strategize, host sign-making workshops, volunteer, and more. Each discussion will be facilitated by community experts in issues like criminal justice, housing advocacy, and homeless service—and of course librarians, as perhaps the truest supporters of free and unimpeded access to knowledge." You know, the sort of stuff you don't always hear about on the TV.

Here's another interesting tidbit from the announcement:

These librarians were inspired to create “1984/48,” as it’s being called, by BPL's new VP of Arts & Culture, Jakab Orsos. As a young man in Soviet-controlled Hungary, Jakab banded together a group of philosophers, artists and professors to found a "secret university" and resist the Hungarian State. The participants in BPL's new project will take away not just a free copy of the book — but lessons from the Hungarian underground to support their own actions over the next four years.

The series is so popular already that the February cycle is now fully booked, but you can register for the March sessions now. Or to put that in Trumpspeak, NOBODY is showing up for this sad loser pity party for a terrible not-very-nice book that almost no one read even AFTER they turned it into a pretty good computer commercial! Sad.