Brooklyn Museum at night

The reopening of the Brooklyn Museum seems to have reinvigorated the institution that was once poised to challenge the Metropolitan Museum of Art as the world's finest collection of art (this was back when Brooklyn was booming and the original design was four times larger than its current size). In one of the better interviews about what the new entrance means for them, the Times spoke with residents from right across the museum on Eastern Parkway:

Madeline and Nick Dulchin, 7-year-old twins who live directly across Eastern Parkway from the museum, declared the artwork inside "weird."

What's weird?

"Everything," Madeline said.

"Everything," Nick said.

After some prodding from his mother, Nick admitted liking one piece, in the Working in Brooklyn show on the fourth floor: a small city constructed of $17,119 in discarded lottery tickets.

"I liked it because it was garbage," Nick said.

Did you go to the Brooklyn Museum over the weekend? What did you think?