Who's that girl?

Would you recognize this lady if you saw her walking down the street? One Brooklyn local didn't realize the woman he was yelling at yesterday was Madonna, Althouse has the whole story, but here's an excerpt:

She's apparently directing a film and was shooting right in front of my house in Brooklyn on Wednesday. I came outside to do my morning walk and there were crowds of people all over the place. I walked a few feet down my block and a chick with a headset held up her arm and said "You have to cross the street, sir!" I replied: "I don't have to do anything. This is my neighborhood, and a public sidewalk, and I'll go where I please!"

I pushed past and came upon a haggard woman in sunglasses, a baseball cap and a scarf printed with a stylized skull pattern holding a clipboard and looking into a hand-held monitor along with a couple of other people. Being a veteran of the terrible world of film production, I recognized that this woman was probably the director. I paused as I passed and said to her: "You need to inform your brain-dead P.A.s that they need to treat us residents a little better, honey." She looked at me, expressionless behind her sunglasses for a moment before one of the men with her said "Move along, sir." I replied "a hearty fuck you to both of you" and I walked onward.

The movie is called W.E. (about a New Yorker's obsession with King Edward's decision to abdicate the throne and marry Wallis Simpson), and is due out next year. Other places Madonna hasn't been recognized in New York City lately: the subway.