The Brooklyn Flea has been trying to find new summer Sunday digs, now that they can only take over the Fort Greene space on Saturdays. Where are they headed? Williamsburg, of course. They'll be taking over the 40,000-square-foot piece of land next to the EDGE condo complex.

Co-founder of the Flea Jonathan Butler sent us the above photo—you'll have to use your imagination to get an idea of what it will look like when the Flea operates there (think fancy local foods and Martha Stewart and overpriced antiques and vintage items you cannot live without! Typewriters!) Anyway, Butler told NYMag, "They had enough space for three large towers. They've built two of them, for obvious reasons right now they're taking a breather before they put up the third. We are going to take up that site, right there between 6th and 7th Streets." They'll be paying rent for the land, but they also talked the condo overlords into landscaping it to their specifications.

As for the Jelly Pool Parties, Butler tells us, "Our presence there has nothing to do with whether or not concerts will happen. concerts are next door in the park."