2008_07_bklynflea.jpgThe Brooklyn Flea was back in business for another Sunday, and The Daily News reports from the front lines, noting that the clash between "hipsters and old-timers" continued. While the Flea isn't really a hipster thing, the clash between the two sides did continue, even though the two attempted to reconcile at a meeting this past Thursday.

Angry encounters over parking between shoppers and local churchgoers nearly ended in blows yesterday.

"Our church is fighting to survive. Since the market opened we have gone from about 500 congregants to closer to 400," said Marlene Gooding, a member of Queen of All Saints Church in Fort Greene.

"These people are very disrespectful - usually it sounds like a fight is going on outside," said James Stewart, treasurer of the Brooklyn Masonic Temple.

While church and commerce learn how to coincide, the Flea's organizers have decided to help speed up the process by hiring security, cleaning crews and renting port-a-potties so their patrons don't use the parishioners church bathrooms. Meanwhile, Racked takes a look at some comments regarding the debacle, including one that says in part, "Apparently the church hadn't realized that the elected reps would step up to defend small business and local employment, and urge a rational discussion. Instead, QAS (Queen of All Saints Church) created a PR nightmare for itself, and lost what credibility it may have had when its parishioners started in with the anti-semitic conspiracy theories."

Photo via Luzer's Flickr.