If you look up this home on Google Maps, you may think you're getting a deal, what with the two obvious structures in view being multi-family buildings. But this listing for 86 Bay 47th Street isn't for one of those, it's for what appears to be a shed at the end of a driveway that sits between those two buildings.

The listing is for this home.

An older listing shows that it was paired up with 84 Bay 47th Street, and was being sold off as a combined lot for possible redevelopment—"Attention builders, 84 & 86 Bay 47 sold as a package only, R5 ZONING, combined lot size 40X97... 86 has one family house with 2 rooms and basement with private drive. Both houses need work."

The listing is for a home in between these larger buildings, at the end of the driveway.

The newer listing is just for 86, however, and being touted as "better than a condo." According to the listing, it is unclear if building an extension up or out is an option—any potential buyer must verify that with an architect. The 1-bedroom structure comes with a driveway that can fit up to six cars, so it's on a sizable lot (which is listed as being 20' x 97')... but is it worth half a million dollars?

The home—built in the 1920s—sits in the Gravesend area of Brooklyn, just about two blocks from Coney Island Creek, one of NYC's polluted waterways. [h/t Reddit]