If you wondered how much you should emphasize cats over humans, let's take a look at what Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes did. He honored a bunch of people at his "16TH ANNUAL LAW ENFORCEMENT APPRECIATION AWARDS," but the one honoree who got the most attention was Fred the crimefighting cat. Now, Gothamist LOVES Detective Fred, the kitty who helped bring down a phony vet, but compared to the various court officers, police officers, fire marshals - even the actual undercover detective who worked with Fred, Fred just acted like a cat. We supposed DA Hynes knows that when you get a cat involved in anything, more people are interested.

Some of the honorees were the court officers who restrained Kayson Pearson and Troy Hendrix, the rapist-murderers who tried to cause a mistrial with their crazy attempt to kill a defense attorney and grab a court officer's gun. And we do love Fred and how he's going to be a therapy cat.