Since 2012, summer has meant a pool popping up at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a spot creatively named the Pop-Up Pool. Though limited to 60 swimmers at a time and coming in at just three feet deep, it's still cool to swim with the lower Manhattan skyline behind you. This past summer was supposed to be the pool's last, but don't worry if you haven't experienced it yet, because State Senator Daniel Squadron announced yesterday that the Pop-Up Pool is returning for one more summer.

"This is a huge victory for ‘Love Our Pool: Families United For A Pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park,’ the community and park goers now and into the future. It shows that a community-driven effort, strong partnerships and a successful amenity can change minds and make a real difference," Squadron said in a statement announcing everyone can get back in the pool. Squadron released a report earlier this year that indicated his constituents wanted a permanent pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park president Regina Meyer indicated that could be a possibility in a statement of her own:

"We all love the Pop-Up Pool, and keeping it for one more season gives us more time to pursue the best solution for everyone: a larger, permanent pool for Brooklyn Bridge Park. We look forward to working with the community and our elected officials to fund the permanent pool."

I guess that the East River's floating pool is still a little too futuristic to fill that need immediately.