Brooklyn Bridge Park is now 80 percent complete as of this week, which saw the official ribbon-cutting on the latest section to open: the Pier 5 Uplands. This new section adds an additional 3.4 acres of parkland, and while it doesn't feature any flashy attractions—like the soccer fields or roller rink—any expansion of parkland is worth celebrating. At this point, some green grass is what the rapidly developing park needs, and that's exactly what the Uplands offer.

The space features "sloped and terraced lawns, a grove with a flexible seating area, and a sound-attenuating berm to reduce traffic noise," which you may have seen goats on not so long ago. "The underlying design principal is to provide a restful counterpoint to the activities at the adjacent Pier 5 sports fields and Picnic Peninsula," according to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation.

Next up: an additional 4.6 acres are expected to open on Pier 3 in the summer of 2018.