(Photo by Marianne O'Leary)

Following the attacks in Paris last week, the deadliest of which took place during a rock concert, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is proposing emergency drills at our own event spaces.

According to the Daily News, Adams "will hold an emergency meeting with managers of local theaters, catering halls, malls and other large gathering spaces to outline protocol for dealing with a terror attack. [Adams, a former NYPD officer, believes] training to deal with a shooter in the building should become as commonplace as a fire drill."

"We're planning a meeting with a number of venues such as concert halls, theaters, malls, stadiums, etc. to learn about their security plans, share best practices, and discuss the possibility of emergency drills," the BP's Communications Director, Stefan Ringel, told us. "The meeting should be taking place in the next week or two, and we will be reaching out to venues of different sizes." They plan to speak with people at Barclays Center, Music Hall Of Williamsburg, King's Theatre, and more, about implementing these drills.

In Paris, the attack occurred at the 1,500-capacity venue the Bataclan, where 89 people were executed and many more injured. Those who survived have noted the confusion in the crowd when the first shots were heard, many believing it was part of the show. The below video uploaded to Instagram shows the band reacting to the initial gunfire, and video taken by from across the street showed a horrific and chaotic scene as people fled the venue from the back of the building, some hanging out the top floor windows.

Adams joined hundreds of other Brooklyn residents at an interfaith vigil last night in Carroll Gardens, where he declared, "We will not live in fear, and that is the most important message that can resonate out of Brooklyn, in this French community, and the entire community."