What do we know about the Alamo Drafthouse coming to Downtown Brooklyn? We know it will be the first location of the famed movie theater chain in New York City. We know it will serve flatbread pizza, spiced lamb and more. We know they sponsored a screening of the original Star Wars trilogy to help hype their imminent arrival. What don't we know about the Alamo Drafthouse coming to Downtown Brooklyn? When it will open. Do they know? Ah, according to a statement the theater put out yesterday, they don't.

Alamo released a statement yesterday acknowledging everyone's excitement for the new theater, which has only grown as subway ads have popped up promising it would open soon. The meat of the statement however, dealt with the opening date, which is now uncertain:

After some early delays, we had an August date had stuck and felt very realistic for our grand opening. Sadly, after some setbacks, we’ve had to face the facts that that date, and opening this month, is no longer realistic. Getting a business open in New York is...complicated. So, back to the original question: when is the theater opening? To be perfectly honest, we don’t have an answer right now.

An Alamo Drafthouse spokesperson didn't immediately respond to a request for a comment. The setback is just another one to throw on the pile for Alamo, which also had to abandon plans to open on the Upper West Side due to the project not being financially viable. So for the time being, if you want movie theater texters and talkers treated rudely, you'll have to shame them yourself.