Despite rumors of animal layoffs, the Bronx Zoo has actually added two new animals: the first hyenas they've housed in 30 years. CityRoom reports that the brother and sister were shipped from the Denver Zoo in May, and are now available for viewing. They note, "The hyenas are also part of a managed program. The 17-month-old twin cubs were born on March 3, 2008, in Denver to parents named Ngozi and Kibo. The female hyena’s name is Kubwa, Swahili for 'Big,' because her head is bigger than her brother’s. The male’s name is Kidogo, Swahili for 'Small.'" They are being housed next to the African wild dogs, who allegedly used to be confused for hyenas by visitors, even though the Zoo curator says hyenas are more closely related to cats. Yes, just think of them as 250 lb, 4-foot-tall cats.