2007_03_jughead.jpgA beloved Bronx Zoo grizzly bear died last week at age 13. "Jughead" had been ill for months and had also undergone surgery for abdominal abscesses according to the AP. The Bronx Zoo is planning a necropsy, and the zoo's director said, "Jughead was a wonderful, charismatic animal and he will be missed by all of our staff and visitors."

Jughead and three other bears, brother Archie, Betty and Veronica, had been rescued from Montana and Wyoming 12 years ago after bears had been classified as nuisances, and therefore opening them up to being killed by hunters. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service brought them to the Bronx Zoo. Here are two Bronx Zoo pages about the bears: One about their training and another about their keeper Jeff Munson.

The four bears were named after the comic book characters and were featured in two comics. The bears made the cover of Issue 550 (see it after the jump) - the gang visited the Bronx Zoo (Riverdale is close by, of course)!