New York-based writer/director Adam Leon's first feature, called Gimme Some Loot, took home the big prize (the Grand Jury Prize for best narrative feature) at SXSW's film festival this year. The story follows a pair of teenage Bronx graffiti artists throughout two summer days, and stars Tysheeb Hickson and Tashiana R. Washington. On their Kickstarter, they describe the plotline:

When Malcolm and Sofia's latest graffiti masterpiece is buffed by a rival gang, these two determined Bronx teens must hustle, steal, and scheme to get spectacular revenge and become the biggest writers in the City.

The film was shot last summer all over New York City, and Leon says, "'we wanted to do hits, B-sides and rarities,' with some scenes in iconic New York City locations, and others in places that have been mostly unexplored on the big screen. 'We were in 50 locations. We wanted to be all over the city, in a rich person’s home, in a bodega, in the middle of Queens in the rain. We wanted to be this kind of low-budget epic.'" And for the graffiti aspect, they brought in the legendary SP1 as an adviser, though ArtsBeat says "the film contains very little graffiti writing."

The film will be at News Directors/New Films later this month—tickets are available!