There are some real creeps on all those dating apps, amirite? Well, now there are some legit creepy crawlies, too, because the Bronx Zoo's Madagascar hissing cockroaches are single and ready to mingle crawl across your face in the middle of the night searching for love.

It's time for the zoo's annual "Name-a-Roach" tradition, where the lovelorn and the vindictive can name a giant insect in honor of whomever they choose. "For a $10 donation, your loved one, or unloved one, will receive the certificate to cherish for years to come, featuring the name chosen for your Valentine's roach," the Zoo promises.

This year the Zoo is also giving away plush cockroach toys and boxes of fancy chocolate for people who donate $35 (or $50 if you want both). Seems less skeevy than plush genital lice, but you live your own life.

The Zoo would also like to remind you that, unlike the roaches that make homes inside your tennis sneakers, Madagascar hissing cockroaches are "not considered pests and rarely enter homes." They're the world's largest roach species (four inches, baby) and can be found in the Zoo's "Madagascar!" exhibit, which also features lots of lemurs, crocodiles and these cute cat-like creatures called fossa, who genus name means "hidden anus."

Happy Valentine's Day!