An upcoming show at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx next month focuses on how traditions of growing, cultivating and preparing natural foods both reflect and shape culture and cuisine worldwide.

Setting the stage for that show, which is meant to illuminate "the art and science of foodways and food traditions," the NYBG selected 30 artists who live or work in the Bronx to fashion tables that will extend the themes and intents of the show, illustrating the diverse cultures and cuisines represented in both the borough and the city.

Chosen by the garden to set the tables for their new garden-wide cornucopia, which opens on June 4th, are Priscilla Aleman, Noble Dre Ali, Ariel Alvarez, Santina Amato, Blanka Amezkua, Gayle Asch, William Bentley, Leenda Bonilla, Reina Mia Brill, Michele Brody, Odalys Burgoa, Francesca Capone, Jill Cohen-Nuñez, Carlos Wilfredo Encarnación, Nicky Enright, Eric Escalante, Laura Álvarez Fernández, Elizabeth Hamby, Emily Henretta, Shawn Hill, Anthony Joseph, Catherine Herrick Lewis, Matthew López-Jensen, Ruth Marshall, Yoshiko Mori, Lovie Pignata, Joely Saravia, Sylvia Vigliani, Dina Weinberg and Natalie Collette Wood.

The artists are already busy fashioning their new settings with a variety of materials and techniques. In a recent sneak peak, photographer Sai Mokhtari got to watch four artists — Asch, Brill, Capone and Hill — as they worked on their projects, and snapped images of even more tables in progress.

"It was cool to see these various artists’ takes on the theme of food in their lives and culture," Mokhtari reported from the scene. "The artists also seemed excited to be able to work at the gardens and share the space together, working side by side and watching each other’s designs take shape. Lots of excitement in the air."

Mokhtari, a longtime chronicler of the city's public spaces and shared events, said she is especially excited about a food-centered exhibition at the garden.

"It feels like culturally we’ve separated from our food sources over the last few generations: eating more and more processed, delivered or ready made food, and spending less time growing and preparing our food ourselves," she said. "I’m excited about a meditation on gardens as a source of food and as an expression of art, particularly in the special exhibit wing of the conservatory, which tends to house visually stunning exhibits."

"Around the Table: Stories of the Foods We Love" will be on view at the New York Botanical Garden June 4th through September 11th;