The Reverend Al Sharpton is not much of a speller. He joined the cast of the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee during the Tony Awards telecast yesterday and participated in the bee. He was given the word "dengue," which pretty much means diarrhea to the hundredth degree, though the CDC doesn't really expound that part at length. Now, we're not sure if Sharpton was playing playing a poor speller or just badly spelling, but he spelled "D-E-N-K-E" or something very far off. (Gothamist guessed "D-E-N-G-H-E".)

Anyway, last night's Tony Awards were big on the glitz, or hoping it would be glitzy enough for the heartland. Gothamist loves Hugh Jackman and thought that Adriane Lenox's speech after winning Best Featured Actress in a Play for Doubt was brilliant when she told her family she couldn't wash dishes because you can't wash dishes when you're holding a Tony. And we did like Christina Applegate's pratfall, though you could tell that people in the audience weren't sure it was a joke. Overall, it was a great night for Doubt (written by Bronx native John Patrick Shanley), making Gothamist wonder if the Tonys wanted to award a relatively less dark play (compared to The Pillowman) as well as one of the best American plays in years, and otherwise, the Tonys spread the wealth far and wide. What did you think? Are there any shows your recommend seeing?

Here are the 2005 Tony Award winners. And tomorrow, Gothamist will discuss the latest theater news.

Photograph from Reuters