For years people have been publicly complaining that Times Square was turning into Disneyland, and now the transformation is complete. You know how you can get your picture taken as you ride Splash Mountain? Well, now you can do the same thing on Broadway! Thank you Bono and co. for this horrifying new development in live theater.

Yup, the producers of Spider-Man: The Song That Never Ends Turn Off The Dark just sent out a blast alerting us to the fact that they have been taking pictures of its audience members reacting to the dreadful show's stunts. Worse, they are posting them on Facebook so that tourists can tag themselves and tell the world that they saw the least entertaining thing on Broadway. And so it goes.

Still, there is one tiny upside to this. Maybe other Broadway shows will follow suit? We'd LOVE to see how audiences respond to the verbal acrobatics in Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf!