Obviously you shouldn't spend all your summer days inside watching TV, but that doesn't mean you need to forsake the pictocube for the entire season. Especially when the end of the summer will mean the re-emergence of Broad City, whose season 4 trailer just dropped and promised the standard amount of stoned insanity the show provides (i.e. a lot of it).

In one rapidly edited minute and a half, the season 4 trailer suggests you're in for plenty of nudity from Ilana, Abbi getting Botox, Ilana doing a kind of Leeloo Dallas thing, a visit to either Planned Parenthood or the abortion clinic, a visit to a Florida retirement complex that looks kind of like the one my grandmother lives at and both girls taking some kind of hallucinatory drug. I know, unbelievable, drug use on Broad City. And again, there's that whole thing with Bevers being hot, which if it isn't part of the tripping episode is going to wind up being the most shocking television moment since we all learned the terrible truth about who Mr. Robot really was. You won't have to wait much longer for the laughs, as the new season will debut on Comedy Central on August 23rd.