The cast. (Courtesy of the Camden People's Theatre)

The Camden People's Theatre in London has put together a musical about the life and career of the Beastie Boys. The unauthorized musical biography is called "Licensed to Ill," and is presented by Simon Maeder and Adam El Hagar (Peaky Blinders, Tyrant). Pitchfork reached out to the creators, who say they've "ensured the Beastie Boys are fully appraised of our plans for the show," but note the production is unauthorized.

Typically, the Beastie Boys are (rightfully) not fans of their name or work being used without permission. The group's publicist had no comment on the production.

The show, it appears, will go on anyway, from November 23rd through December 12th, and here's the description provided on the website:

A brand new show about hip-hop’s most notorious pranksters. Join three young New Yorkers - Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock - as they go from teenage punks to international rapping legends: The Beastie Boys. Created with creative support from comedy hip-hop legends Abandonman and the Rubberbandits, and using a mix of live music and DJ-ing, Licensed to Ill travels through time from the hiphoppers of '80s New York to the '90s gangsters of LA - all the way to the total globalisation of hiphop. This loud, crazy show does to music theatre what hiphop did to tracksuits: make them cool.

The Beastie Boys' story sheds light on many issues still raising hackles: racism towards & within rap; misogyny; the battle for hiphop's soul, between those using it for protest, & for profit. We follow the gang from teenage punks, via their discovery by legendary producer Rick Rubin, to their induction into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame.

Sadly, creators missed a great naming opportunity here, but there's still time to change that! Some better titles: "Beauty & The Beasties," "Ill Miserables," "The King Ad Rock & I," "How To Succeed In Body Movin Without Really Trying," "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Paul's Boutique." We'll be here all week.