Britney, Childish Bride

Winning the bumper prize for first celebrity bad idea of the New Year (if Michael Jackson's CBS interview happened one week later, he'd have it sewn up), Britney Spears marries a childhood friend in Las Vegas. For us, the cherry on the top is her being escorted down the aisle by a bellhop. As reports say it was a joke and that the two are planning an annulment already, Gothamist would like to point out that friends don't let friends marry each other while drunk...hook up, sure, but not elope. That's just...embarrassing.

Of course, Uncle Grambo at has detailed thoughts on the marriage, including a link to the wedding license. He also notes the George Costanza connection, in spite of the media's attempt to cover it up by naming the groom's full name, "Jason Allen Alexander."

We can't wait until her mom's next column, "Lynne's Corner," on Britney's website.

Updated: low culture has a wedding photo of Britney Spears and Jason Alexander. And Britney's label, Jive, announces that she will be annuling the marriage; the world waits for Alexander to cash in on being the ex Mr. Spears. Well, Britney, everyone needs a starter marriage or two, just ask J. Lo and Madonna.