Justin Timberlake and Kylie Minogue's bum; photo by The Sun The Brit Awards, sort of like the UK's answer to the Grammys, but infinitely cooler, were held last week. What overshadowed any awards news was Justin Timberlake's dalliances with the Minogue sisters: a sexy duet with Kylie, then hanging out with Danii post-show. Gotta love the British tabloid, The Sun, for finding out from Justin that he wanted to duet with Kylie because she's sexy and added that on a scale of 1 to 10, Kylie's ass was a "58." Kylie is huge in the UK, and they love tracking her lovelife. In other Brit Awards news, Coldplay won two awards and happens to be the only reason why I'm tuning into the Grammys tonight. Previous Gothamist Grammys coverage. [Jen, post-Grammys]: Justin asked Kylie if he could grab her ass again. Kylie, thankfully, said no. Justin's just trying too hard to be a player.