Friday is the 6th Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day! Apparently you can download some materials, like "Doggie Job Description: Give us a performance review of your dog on the job and enter for a chance to win great prizes!" or "Top 10 Reasons to Take Your Dog To Work" (one Gothamist suggests is "Built-in reasons to get our of the office throughout the day). Sadly, Gothamist doesn't have a dog, so we're either going to dress up the cat as a dog or bring a stuffed animal dog (the way Fred Armisen brings a stuffed animal dog to the dog run). But if you bring your dog to work, let Gothamist know and send us some pictures! You know, Max gets your coffee or Ranger does your photocopying...Coco answers the phone.

The Post speaks with different NYC business owners who find having a dog means more sales, because the dog's presence relaxes them and encourages them to spend.