200712boombox.jpgArtist Phil Kline has brought us an Unsilent Night every year since 1992. He describes his experiment as an "outdoor ambient music piece for an infinite number of boomboxes. It’s like a Christmas caroling party except that we don’t sing, but rather carry the music, each of us playing a separate track that is a voice in the piece."

City blocks are usually loud enough, but tonight get ready for a full-on sound symphony to take over parts of New York. The event begins in Washington Square Park and ends in Tompkins Square Park. Wanna join? Bring a cassette/cd/mp3 and a good 'ol fashioned boombox, or anything that will blast your tunes. The organizers say "cassettes sound the coolest, but we realize cassette players are getting scarce now."

Expect thousands of people, hundreds of boomboxes and a sound cacophony that'll give you goosebumps (and not just because it's so cold out there). Be a part of the sonic parade and meet at the Arch at Washington Square Park at 6:45pm (expect to arrive in Tompkins Square Park around 8pm).

Photo via UnsilentGallery's Flickr.