Discover MagazinePerhaps we're still whiffing the Jayson Blair scandal or the impending consolidation of the media industry, or maybe Gothamist is just paranoid (as usual), but lately we've been hypersensitive to the appearence of journalistic impropriety. Recently, while reading Discover Magazine's slavish paean to the grotesque MaxiMog, we were appalled by the conflict of interest. The MaxiMog was designed and built by one Bran Ferren, formerly of Disney's Imagineering. However nowhere in the praise heaped on Ferren and his kooky car could you find the fact that Discover is also owned by the Disney corporation. The Economist, on the other hand, is one of our favorite magazines. Aside from being foreign, and therefore inherently superior, they scrupulously note every time their parent company, Pearson, or their sister publications are mentioned. For example, this article would seem to suggest that editorial independence is not yet dead (or at least wasn't in 1998).