2007_04_arts_posehn.jpgUsually, if you want to see Brian Posehn you need to wait for a repeat of Just Shoot Me, Mr. Show, or The Sarah Silverman Program to come on, but on April 19th through 22nd you can head on over to Caroline's to get your Posehn fix. Gothamist decided to do a quick Q and A with Brian to find out what this comedy super star thinks of some of life's biggest issues, like religion, death, and balls.

How did you land the role of "Minister" in Fantastic Four 2?
They wanted an actual minister. Not really, they offered the role and I jumped at it. I'm a lifelong Marvel comics fan, it seemed like it would be fun and it was.

What sort of role did religion play in your life growing up?
Pretty big part of my life up until I moved out of the house. I had Sunday school, youth group in the middle of the week and activities every weekend. I also would be shipped away to Christian Camp every summer. It kept me out of trouble. Mostly.

Some people think that the world is in poor shape and that the apocalypse is near. What's your take on doomsday?
Being a reformed Christian and a fan of heavy metal and horror movies, I've been prepared for the Apocalypse since I was a kid. Revelations, Megadeth and The Night Of The Comet opened my mind to the apocalyptic possibilities.

Speaking of Doomsday, how'd you feel when they "killed" Superman and what do you think of "comic book death" in general?
I didn't love that Superman story; you can't kill Big Blue. If the story works, I'm open to anything, it just seems like they only do these stunts to gain interest from people who don't normally go to the comic shop.

Do you think it's possible to find humor in death?
Yes, it's possible. It depends on the situation, but almost anything can be funny after time passes. An hour is a good rule of thumb.

What clip from your career would you like played at the Oscars after you pass away in their tribute to the deceased?
Anything from Dumb and Dumberer. Or any of the times I've worn a diaper on camera.

Some say that there's some degree of tragedy in all humor. What's your opinion on that?
I don't agree. Farts are funny and tragedy free. Mostly.

What's your take on why Balls are so funny?
Balls aren't inherently funny, but the word "balls" is. It's unexplainable.

How would you compare and contrast the real you and the character of "Brian" on The Sarah Silverman Program?
The character "Brian" is a big, gay stoner that can be kind of a dick. I'm not gay.

In an episode of the show, you did some pretty impressive choreographed fighting. How long did that take and how'd you prepare?
It was actually not brutal, considering I get all of my exercise walking my dogs and playing my 360. We did a couple of rehearsal sessions with the stuntmen over the weekend and then shot the whole thing in a day. I also had a great double for two of the sketchier moments. No one wants to see my fat ass attempt a back flip.

In your life, have you ever had any physical confrontations? And, if so, how'd they tend to play out?
Not in a long time. It kind of scares me. I may be huge, but inside I'm a skinny kid with glasses and a serious punching allergy.

What do you really think of Tab?
It's a delicious beverage. That I hope I never have to drink again.

What are some projects that you're currently involved in or contemplating?
We're going back to work soon on the Sarah Silverman Program and I'm totally looking forward to that. This summer I'll be performing stand-up on the road and working on material and music for my next album. And I'll be at comic book conventions promoting my apocalyptic Santa Claus graphic novel The Last Christmas.