By now you've seen the funny video of Poison singer Bret Michaels getting hit on the head with a piece of scenery during the Tony Awards show Sunday night. (It's no "Man Getting Hit by Football," but we've found that it does stand up to repeated viewings.) And though the video makes it seem like Michaels smashed into the scenery because of his own rock-god obliviousness, the singer's publicist categorically denies a Tonys spokeperson's assertion that the rocker "missed his mark." Michaels's rep tells People, "By all means, he did not miss his mark. He did exactly what they asked him to do in rehearsal, where everything went fine. And when the sign came down [at the show], it smacked him on the head. He may have to cancel his next show - we'll see. Bret is a tough son of a bitch, but he's really banged up." Michaels—who fractured his nose, had to get a CAT scan, and required three stitches to his bloodied lip—says, "All I remember is Shrek and the donkey helping me up, and Liza [Minnelli] giving me a towel."