It's that time of year again: tomorrow is National Go Topless Day, a celebration of women's legal right to bare their breasts in public. The annual event event has become a venerable NYC tradition, albeit one that sometimes attracts awkward, creepy onlookers. So be prepared to see some breasts if you happen to be in midtown tomorrow, and don't act like a gawking tourist.

According to their BoobMap, this year's gathering will start in Bryant Park just after noon on Sunday in Bryant Park—participants will march to Times Square and back, with the event ending around 4:30 p.m. As ever, women have the choice of going fully topless, or wearing red tape "to hide their (infamous!) nipples." Men are encouraged to wear a bikini top to show their support (which will be available there).

And never forget: it is completely legal to go topless in NYC. Just keep in mind that it's still not legal to go completely nude in public.