2007_03_palemaletale.jpgThere are many things that can be attributed to ruining a marriage. Infidelity. Mistrust. Abuse. But word that news anchor Paula Zahn and husband Richard Cohen are headed toward divorce has an added twist: An insider told Page Six, "Things really started going downhill for Paula and Richard during the Pale Male and Lola incident."

Pale Male and Lola? You mean the lovable redtail hawks that Cohen and Zahn's co-op evicted from a perch, causing a huge outcry from the animal-loving community? Cohen, president of the 927 Fifth Avenue's co-op board, and Zahn were definitely targeted during protests to bring back the birds - people held signs saying "Ebenezer Zahn", and the couple claimed Pale Male admirer/activist Lincoln Karim was stalking Zahn and child. In the end, the hawks got a new nest, but moved across town to the Beresford on Central Park West (at least for a while).

Page Six actually mentions another man in Zahn's life, so the birds can't be totally faulted. And let's face it, the birds might just be more famous than Zahn at this point. Karim's site, Pale Male, is frequently updated and has really gorgeous photographs of nature and city together. And we've seen the children's book, The Tale of Pale Male, at bookstores. It's charmingly illustrated and is surprisingly detailed about the whole flap (hee!).