A mere nine months ago, the Brooklyn real estate scene was rocked by news that Girls starlet and folk singer extraordinaire Zosia Mamet had purchased a $1 million home in Bushwick. But alas, it appears living on the outskirts of Jefftown just wasn't enough for Shoshanna, and now she's selling her pink hipster dreamhouse for a cool $500,000 more than she paid for it. Looks like she'll be able to fund her band's Kickstarter all by herself now!

Bushwick Daily spotted the listing for Zosia's Flushing Avenue home on Trulia for $1.6 million. The building's assets include multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a terraced garden, a rooftop, a home office, several dens, a home gym, and presumably 40 DVRed episodes of Baggage.

It's unclear why Zosia's fleeing the 7th Coolest Neighborhood in the World so soon. Perhaps Penn Badgley is a bad neighbor.