Have you been asking yourself: where is all this candy coming from? So has the New York Times, and what they found may shock you: It is leftover candy from Halloween! The exclusive scoop reveals that some are so sick of seemingly harmless miniature candy bars that they bring the excess into the the office to unload on coworkers... who were apparently confused about this process until now.

Yes, finally someone exposes the office candy conspiracy. One assistant editor at Golf Digest tells CityRoom that around Halloween time, “I can’t even make a trip to the water cooler or to the restroom without passing a bowlful of fun-size chocolate favorites."

But where did these magical little candy bars originate? You may have previously thought they were from secret elves or Oompa Loompas, but that is wrong. CityRoom cracks the candy case wide open, reporting back that "Much of the office candy, we’ve been told, comes from parents siphoning off some of their children’s Saturday bounty. Other candy is simply left over after the trick-or-treaters have passed through. Storms on Saturday night in New York City may have depressed trick-or-treating traffic, leading to even more leftover candy." So now you know! It's scary to contemplate who'll break stories like this once the Times makes cuts to its newsroom.