A Washington state woman, Rebecca Teti, grew up with visiting her great aunts in New York City—where she traveled to from her home in the Pacific Northwest. She visited again more recently, and noted the differences between her past and present experiences in this article. Her conclusion: New Yorkers are nice. Nicer than Washingtonians! (Though she says Washington still smells better.)

She begins recalling the New York of her childhood, filled with "unbelievable casual rudeness" from the city's manner-less citizens. She notes, "the New York of my childhood was grubby and seemed to decline each year: more dirt, more crime, more XXX bars, more streets you were afraid to walk on."

On a recent visit with her children, however, she says she was amazed how locals were "smiling, courteous and helpful," saying "it was downright weird." (Are we really that bad?!) And who to credit for this change in attitude? Well, this woman credits Mayor Giuliani and his efforts at "behavior modification." Have we all been brainwashed, did some nice local slip this lady some hallucinogens, or was she just running into other tourists during her recent trip?