Gothamist can only call it fate. We decided to go for a run in Riverside Park this morning when we noticed some film equipment near the Boat Basin, which is somewhat odd since it's Saturday. A police officer said that Law & Order was filming. Hello!


Then we noticed our friend, Bill Klayer, who let us know that Jerry Orbach was filming his last scenes on the show - in fact, this was the scene that Detective Lennie Briscoe tells Detective Ed Green that he's leaving the 2-7 (27th Precinct). Then they would go back to the soundstage and film Detective Briscoe clearing out his desk. Gothamist got a little choked up, but got it together to run back home to retrieve a camera.


Production assistants tried to get joggers, bikers, and other passers-by to quiet down during filming.


When they finished shooting, some people associated with Riverside Park brought Jerry a cheesecake. He posed for a picture with them...


...then took a piece of cake...


...for the car ride back to the soundstage. (If you look closely, you'll see Jesse L. Martin in the back of the car - Jerry rides shotgun, natch.)


Bye, Jerry and Jesse.


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