Yikes-- you think you know someone, and then all of a sudden, they show up looking totally different! Tipsters have been telling us to expect a huge redesign of the NYTimes.com site for awhile now, but it looks like today is the day-- the Front Page just went up (11:30pm) and most of the subpages are now in the new layout. There's also an editor's note explaining some of the reasoning behind the design.

Some of the new features we noticed:
- 1024px width! Mind-blowing wideness!
- New menu system at the top of the page
- New "My Times" page, still coming soon-- looks like a bookmark clipper / RSS feedreeder
- Links to Today's Paper, Video, Most Popular at the top of page (nod to Digg, YouTube?)
- New page: Times Topics-- lens pages for major issues (hat tip to Squidoo/Wikipedia/etc.)
- Whole new color scheme: blue and white is the new black and white!
- In addition to the old most e-emailed feature, now with most blogged and most searched.
- Crazy complexification of the middle of the page-- there's so much going on there (video, wire services, stuff from the real estate and auto sale sections, stuff from the inside sections)-- it's kind of making our brains bleed!

What do you think of the new design? Futuristic-cool or mucho mucho mas?