NBC4 is reporting that Molly the cat escaped through a hole in the wall or ceiling of the building. They are displaying pictures of her looking reasonably healthy-- the crowd is going crazy. Kevin Clifford, a tunnel worker, pulled the cat through the hole-- apparently her tail and legs were trapped in the gutter space between the two buildings. Rock on!

UPDATE: Main-stream media is all over the story!
NYT: The Fraidy-Cat of Hudson Street Is Yanked to Safety
NYDN: Ending is cat's meow

UPDATE: Pat Kwan of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals sent in these pix, and reminds everyone that "Deep in our hearts, we think Molly may simply be conducting a publicity stunt to send a message to New Yorkers and beyond that with “Kitten Season” blooming, now is a great time to adopt some of her feline brothers and sisters who are in animal shelters and in need of a loving home."