Who knew that ursines were so critical of reality television starring wildly privileged (and sometimes broke), fighting New Jersey women? This morning, a large bear wandered onto the lawn of Caroline Manzo's grand Franklin Lakes home, prompting her to Tweet, "There is the biggest f***ing bear in the world in my front yard. TERRIFIED." Her son Christopher also Twittered, "For those of u who ask, a bear doesn't poop in the woods...it prefers my front yard."

WPIX sent its traffic helicopter to check out the scene and its reporters asked Manzo about the unwelcome visitor (no, not Danielle!). She said, "He had to be 7, maybe 8 feet. He was gigantic. I can't even tell you how big this bear was. I'm like horrified to even walk outside of my house. I don't know what to do with myself." (This sounds bigger than the bear spotted in NJ towns on Sunday.) But she admitted, "It's not unusual to find bears in our area. Last year, my brother Chris had a bear probably just as big sitting in his garage."

The bear will reportedly be tranquilized and transported to a sanctuary if spotted again. If only that were the solution to the insane fights the housewives get into.