This is sort of like a storyline out of House—imagine a cold opening where a young artist falls ill from a headache, and upon being diagnosed her happily-ever-after doodles become dark, borderline-psychotic masterpieces. The NY Post has a story on 33-year-old Alison Silva, a painter from New Jersey, who the paper claims "is a medical marvel whose tumor left her with blinding visions—and breathtaking ability." Silva actually has painted since she was younger, but when she discovered her lifelong battle with headaches was actually being caused by a brain tumor that could kill her—well, her vision changed a bit. Now each of her dark paintings sell for around $7,500 apiece. She told the paper, "I had to do a lot of thinking when I was diagnosed. The tumor is right by my memory, so I was scared with the thought of having to start over." She added, "It took me to a darker place. It changed a lot of my art work. It got darker because I wasn't afraid anymore." Well, art imitates life, right?