2003_6_boygirljeans.jpgAs follow-up to yesterday's Metrosexual post, Gothamist discovered Michael Quintanilla's LA Times story about men wearing women's jeans because they look and feel better:

There's a comfort factor involved in that the shorter rise drops the waistband so it doesn't cut into a man's stomach. But mostly it's about the look. Paired with a boxy T-shirt, women's low-rise jeans let the guys show off a little flash of flesh, just like the girls.

According to the article, guys are buying jeans from Lucky, Seven, paper denim & cloth, and Frankie B - in either the women's or men's lines. One LA boutique owner says, "Most guys that come in here � gay and straight � don't think that wearing girls' jeans with stretch in them or jeans that are really, really low look girlie." Gothamist fashion expedition to Barneys to try on jeans, perhaps? Or is that too metrosexual for some? Or just gay?