The Boy Scouts have a new, strangely mesmerizing ad campaign—with the emphasis decidedly on strange. The manly new campaign features young boys with long scraggily beards and the inviting motto, "Be One With The Wild." We definiely think Ron Swanson would approve.

The organization, which recruits 11 to 17-year-old boys, writes on their website that members will dive "into the rugged world of outdoor adventure, relying on teamwork and character to accomplish what everyone else thinks is impossible." So beards obviously...are rugged, too. Not sure if they really want to be associating with "beardos", however.

Recently, the Girl Scouts stirred up a bit of controversy when a seven-year-old Colorado boy who "likes girl stuff" was denied a chance to join. But who could resist the lure of the Girl Scouts when they have puppy parties: