I may not like Mariah Carey's music, but I have to say, her last two videos have been amazing. The more recent one, "(Boy) I Need You" has so many elements:
- Mariah - Her dog - Many butterflies
- Hyper stylized sets - Tokyo
- Japanese workers - Her alter ego, "Bianca"
- Godzilla-like creature lumbering around
- Car chase sequence
- Rapper Cam'ron as well as a sample of his song "Oh Boy"
- Final frame of Mariah and characters from the video in anime

As it's set in Japan, with hot American music star interacting in the Far East, it reminds me of the Beastie Boys' Intergalactic video. Clearly, Joseph Kahn cribbed from Spike Jonze for Mariah's video.

Actor Will Yun Lee, most recently a villain in the last Bond movie, "Die Another Day," is also featured prominently. This article about the making of the video impressed me with the fact that Joseph Kahn convinced Mariah to shoot this in Japan. She described the video as Mariah "kind of like Japanese pop - Speed Racer meets Hello Kitty meets me and Cam'Ron."

Her video for "Through the Rain" featured Meadow Soprano, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, as a women in a 60s interracial romance, intercut with Mariah singing in New York. At the end of the video, after witnessing the hardship the interracial couple faced, weathering through together it, you realize that Mariah is supposed to be their child, a product of their love. Maybe she'd describe it as "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" meets "Glitter."

Check out Mariah's videos on MTV's site.

Mariah's official site - you can listen to "voicemail" she leaves her fans, and kids, you might want to bookmark it if you think she's en route to another breakdown; last time, she left crazy rambling messages on the voicemail at her Columbia Records website.