boygeorge.jpg This one is priceless! According to the Daily News, last night Boy George and a friend were at his apartment in Nolita, snorting some cocaine. At 3:14am, he calls 911 to report a burglary in progress at his apartment. A fit of paranoia or just extremely bad luck? In any case, the cops show up a few minutes later, and discover no burglers. They do spot "13 bags of cocaine totaling more than an eighth of an ounce", and one androgenous pudgster "stoned out of his gourd." Arrests quickly ensue, and Boy George and his friend spend the rest of the night enjoying the hospitality of the NYPD. Boy (or is it George?) was sprung after a hearing this morning-- the case goes forward on December 19th.

The article is a hoot to read-- the News writers seem to be struggling to find a good allusion to one of Boy George's song lyrics, but the best they can do is "Aging '80s icon Boy George was hit with bad karma." The New York Post is even more disappointing, filing a scant three paragraphs under the headline "GEORGE POWDERS NOSE: COPS." Can you guys come up with a better title for the story?