Yesterday evening, on the legendary Bowery Wall, artist Logan Hicks finished the second of five layers of stenciling he has planned for his insanely elaborate New York cityscape. It was looking great, as you may have on seen on your Instagram feed—brightly colored and wonderfully detailed from end to end—but apparently when the crew arrived early this morning the wooden panels that now comprise the wall had shifted overnight, developing seams and making it impossible to continue with layer three. So they buffed the whole thing!

Two full days of work in the intense heat, plus all the fixes after that raging thunderstorm, for nothing. A young crew member on the scene told us this afternoon that Hicks is planning on starting again "maybe next week."

We'll update if we hear back from the artist with a more concrete schedule.

The Bowery Mural is at the corner of Houston and Bowery, the wall is owned by Goldman Properties, and since 2008 (with the help of Jeffery Deitch) has been curated with large-scale piece by everyone from Shepard Fairey to Swoon to Os Gêmeos.